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Courses offered by the Manufacturer, can be one dimensional, concentrating only on
their product.

We tailor each course not only to include detailed product information, but also to give the students a working knowledge of their control and plant sequencing.
The Scada/HMI courses we provide, place special emphasis on practical sessions. The course hardware will consist of your plant PLC and SCADA system therefore simulating as closely as possible your plant environment. All course exercises will be tailored towards your own HMI screens.
Worldwide Training
Bespoke Application Courses
Practical “Hands On” Courses
As well as providing our extensive range of courses in the UK, Digital Automation Training also has a representative in Egypt, who offers our full range of Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation courses.
These courses are the next stage up from a tailored product course. The courses involve a detailed study of your plant automation and sequencing from which a unique training program will be created. This will enable the students with the aid of the training documentation to understand the sequencing and control of your plant, enabling precise and efficient fault finding.
All of our courses provide students with the maximum practical experience using dedicated PLC training rigs. Our training systems will provide students with confidence on plant when carrying out maintenance, fault finding and modifications